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P1 SSO Setup

These instructions are for users that had an existing Mattermost account but did not setup up their P1 SSO account yet. If you're a brand new user and do not have a Mattermost account, click here for instructions on setting up a new account.

Access to your MFA app (e.g. Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.) and the government email address associated with your Mattermost account is required. This process must be done from a web browser on a computer. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Step 1

Go to https://chat.il4.dso.mil/ and click the blue button labeled "Platform One SSO".

Step 2

Click "Forgot Password?" and on the next screen, enter the email address associated with your Mattermost account and click "Submit".

Step 3

You will receive an email with a link to reset your credentials. Click “Link to reset credentials” or copy the URL into a web browser. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Step 4

Setup MFA by scanning the QR code with your MFA app. This will create a new MFA 6-digit pin which you'll use for P1 SSO. Enter the new 6-digit pin and type in a device name (can be anything).

Note: If your MFA pin is not accepted or entered incorrectly, the QR code is reset so you will need to scan it again. Check the FAQ below for additional troubleshooting steps.

Step 5

Enter a new password. You can use the same password as your Mattermost account but it must contain at least two special characters.

That's it!

You should now be logged into your Mattermost account. From here on out, you will use the blue "Platform One SSO" button on the Mattermost login screen to log into your account using the username, password and MFA you just setup.

Note: For the mobile app, select the purple "GitLab" button to log into P1 SSO. This is a known issue.

Common Issues

When setting up MFA, I keep getting an invalid code error.

  • When you scan the QR code with your MFA app, it will generate a 6-digit pin that changes every 30 seconds. Make sure you're entering in this 6-digit pin without any spaces or dashes (e.g. 123456).
  • Each time you enter an invalid code, you must rescan the QR code which will generate a new token, meaning a new 6-digit pin that changes every 30 seconds. In other words, you will have two or more 6-digit pins in your MFA app. Ensure you are typing in the 6-digit pin from your last QR code scan. You can delete any previous MFA tokens but make sure to keep your latest one as you will need this to login each time.
  • MFA depends on accurate time. Make sure your mobile device is set to automatically update the time.

  • I've set up a new account and I'm getting an error message that says "There is already an account associated with that email address using a sign in method other than gitlab. Please sign in using SAML."

  • How embarrasing, our automatic migration seems to have had an issue. Please contact as at help@dsop.io to get this resolved.