Reset MFA

During account setup, there is a possibility you may end up with multiple MFA tokens set up on your account when you only intended to have one. This is evident when logging into your account using username and password, you see the dialog pictured below that asks you to choose which MFA token/device you want to use.

Fortunately, there's an easy fix for this which is simply removing the MFA token you don't use or deleting all of them and setting up a new one. There may also be other reasons why you need to reset MFA, such as upgrading to a new phone or if you accidently deleted your existing MFA token.

Step 1

Log in to your account at and click the "Authenticator" tab.

Step 2

Click the trash can icons next to the MFA tokens listed for your account.

Step 3

You will then have the ability to set up MFA again. You can also delete any existing MFA tokens you have on your MFA mobile app.

Common Issues

When setting up MFA, I keep getting an invalid code error.

  • When you scan the QR code with your MFA app, it will generate a 6-digit pin that changes every 30 seconds. Make sure you're entering in this 6-digit pin without any spaces or dashes (e.g. 123456).
  • Each time you enter an invalid code, you must rescan the QR code which will generate a new token, meaning a new 6-digit pin that changes every 30 seconds. In other words, you will have two or more 6-digit pins in your MFA app. Ensure you are typing in the 6-digit pin from your last QR code scan. You can delete any previous MFA tokens but make sure to keep your latest one as you will need this to login each time.
  • MFA depends on accurate time. Make sure your mobile device is set to automatically update the time.

  • I've lost or upgraded my phone, so I can't log into my account to reset MFA.

  • If you've previously associated your CAC with the account, you can log in using CAC to follow the steps above.
  • If you don't have CAC access, email us at from an approved email address (e.g. to request an MFA reset.
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